Extreme Weather Events: Flooding, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Irrepressible Heat have become the norm. As our planet continues to warm, these events will only get worse. We have a limited window to help cool the earth and prevent a catastrophe.

Below, please find some helpful resources on Climate Change and how you can make a positive impact. Each resource is featured under the design(s) they represent including guest contributions. 

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Care for Her, Stand Up for Her, Protect Her

NASA: Understanding our Planet to Benefit Humankind

Protecting Our Planet Starts with You

A Climate For All of Us

How does climate change affect coral reefs?


Love Coffee? Protect the Planet

The Most Unexpected Effect of Climate Change

Climate Change is Coming for Our Coffee

How Climate Change Is Killing Coffee

How to save coffee from climate change


Save The Planet, Eat More Plants!

A part-time vegan diet could cut food-related carbon emissions by 60%

Shifting to plant-based diets crucial in the fight against climate change


Planet Over Plastic

A Guide to Plastic in the Ocean

Plastic in The Ocean. Plastic Waste is Flooding Our Oceans. It’s Now More Important Than Ever to Reduce Our Plastic Footprint Worldwide

Shocking Ocean Plastic Statistics: The Threat to Marine Life, Our Oceans & Humanity

The Big Problem with Plastic

Submitted by Katie from Concord, NH:

Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic, Rubber, and Other Recyclables' Guide  

Submitted by sixth-grader Jack M.: 

Reusing Plastic Bottles: Crafts and Projects 


Helpful Videos to Better Understand Climate Change

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye the Science Guy

Climate Change: Earth's Giant Game of Tetris

What's the Deal with Carbon?

Climate Science in a Nutshell: #4 Too Much Carbon Dioxide

What happens if Earth Gets 2° Warmer?

Is Coffee Disappearing...or Will It Just Taste Different? 

I'm only a kid, I can't do anything about climate change..right?